Jay Jay presented an outstanding keynote address at the 2016 Technology Tools for Today (T3) Conference. He was both engaging and informative. The audience of financial professionals loved him. He was, by any measure, the highlight of the event.

Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP
President, Technology Tools for Today

I had the opportunity to meet Jay Jay French at the Extreme Leadership Summit in April, and the experience was life changing. His presentation was candid and inspirational and provided hope for anyone who experiences adversity in his or her life. Jay Jay’s story epitomizes that no matter what occurs in one’s life, no matter how dark the future may seem, there is always sunshine over the horizon. My life is enriched as a result of meeting Mr. French.

Frank DeAngelis
Principal, Columbine High School

“Jay Jay French is a provocative original. He distills the amazing success and Phoenix like rebirth of Twisted Sister into applicable, impactful business and life lessons. He is warm, wise, funny and humane.”

Omar Khan
President, International Business and Wine Society

I was extremely pleased at JayJay’s speech at our National Convention. JayJay’s intellect shone through and captivated the audience, providing an experience that was both educational and very entertaining. The attendees just loved him! The fact that he was a genuinely nice guy off-stage was a bonus. I thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend JayJay as a featured speaker at any convention.

David Silverman
President, American Atheists

Jay Jay French was one of the most dynamic and engaging presenters we have ever had at our Pro-Ject event series. He was smart, thought provoking, entertaining and held the room captive with every word. By the end of his story our room of influencers wanted more time with him. His year of experience performing in front of thousands of people is evident thru his showmanship and captivating speech pattern. What we found the most compelling about Jay Jay is how he not only entertained our audience but taught them as well by speaking with them not at them.

Joe Lucchese

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for speaking at the Small Business Investors Alliance event in New York. Your presentation was a breath of fresh air and a break from the normal material for these type of events. I think you story is compelling and has legs by the way. It’s a story about perseverance – a trait many of our younger entrepreneurs need to hear as they often expect to create the next Facebook (or Twisted Sister) overnight. It doesn’t normally happen overnight – it requires the type of perseverance which comes through in your story. Feel free to use us (and me) for a reference if you ever what to get involved in other speaking gigs in the business world, your story is a personal story, a business story, its compelling, and you make it come alive with plenty of wit.

Walter Beinecke, Partner
Brook Venture Partners, LLC

“Jay Jay French’s presentation at our SHARE, a weekly show and tell that helps keep our people curious, open-minded and immersed in the outside world, was genuine, entertaining and insightful all at once! Not only did we walk away energized by the stories of Twisted Sister’s rise to heavy metal fame, but also inspired by their early take on branding one of the most unique bands in rock history.”

Sam Wilson
Managing Director, Wolff Olins

If anyone wants to know what 108 High School Juniors think of you – the word is SNAPS! “Snaps”, as in, this guy knows what he’s talkin’ about, he speaks the truth, he is for REAL.

The kids, not to mention the Staff & Rotarian, were taken by your story and it’s honesty. The realness of your content and delivery held their attention and imagination. Most importantly, your message was clear and spot on. It was no surprise to the kids that the man who brought the ultimate protest song to the last generation now speaks the phrase that helps define their generation’s need to be strong and resolute – Persistence Overcomes Resistance.

Your presentation was amazing for our students and fit perfectly into our Leadership structure. It certainly was no accident that fifteen years ago your song I WANNA ROCK became RYLA 7490’s mantra at our most important event, and remains so to this day. It was with extreme pleasure that RYLA was able to welcome you into our culture of Leadership. We thank you for your generosity of spirit and commitment to bringing valuable lessons in Leadership to the youth community.

In return, the RYLAteers and Staff will carry your message forth as they travel their life’s paths. In the future we would hope that you remember us as Servant Leaders who are ready and able to assist YOU should you ever undertake another fundraiser for Uveitis.

Yours in Service,

Sharon “Mama RYLA” Weiss
Sr. Rotarian Advisor
Rotary Youth Leadership Award Program (RYLA)
Rotary District 7490

“Engaging, entertaining, energetic and compelling, a must hear for anyone ~ whether you are already in business or thinking about taking the LEAP into Entrepeuneurship – Jay Jay’s keynote navigates you through his expert experience on how to manage a business, pulling from his 40 years in one of the hardest industries in the world – Rock and Roll. He will enthrall you with his stories, excite you with the possibilities and teach you how to stay afloat in a world where businesses have to be better than the rest in order to survive. His aptly titled keynote Twisted Business will have your audience asking for more…

On a personal note, John is one of the most genuine, caring and giving men I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Pauline Hailstones
Owner at The Event Experience

Jay Jay French is a human enigma. His playing has inspired countless guitarists all over the world, and 30+ years after founding Twisted Sister, he is truly a living legend. As a manager, he has worked with such diverse artists as Sevendust, songwriters Andrew Fortier and David Forman, blues guitar legend Johnny Gale, jam band heroes The Sound Of Urchin, underground new york legends The Step Kings, and Fred Sargolini – the FS of the world-famous new york DJ duo Ming & FS.

Combined as a guitarist/manager/producer, Jay Jay has been responsible for the sale of over 12 million records worldwide and has 39 gold and platinum albums from 8 different countries, reflecting the success.

Jay Jay has been in the rock’n’roll circus for three decades, and knows both sides of the stage and the microphone. Yet he keeps away from the gossip headlines and glamour nonsense that the industry is so infected with. He’s a New Yorker, but more so an international player that impresses on all levels. He’s tough when he’s on a mission, but his dedication, knowledge and trust is unheard of.

Jay Jay is the real deal – both as a musician, producer and manager, he’s one of the most genuine persons I have had the pleasure of working with in the music industry. I’m proud to call him a good friend.

Håkon Grav
Photograve Management