One absolute truism about Jay Jay French and Twisted Sister is this – they give great interview.

Honing their rapid-fire stage patter on stages across the planet gave TS an advantage when it came to doing interviews, and that was that they were never at a loss for words. While some bands stammered and mumbled in interviews and others took themselves far too seriously, TS never had that problem. Besides being wickedly funny (Jay Jay has called the band ‘Borscht Belt comedians with guitars’) and always ready with a tasty soundbite, Jay Jay always speaks out and lets the chips fall where they may.

This list is not a complete list of interviews with Jay Jay, but it’s a pretty exhaustive one. We’ll add more interviews as they come out, because Jay Jay still has a lot more to say.

Entertainment Weekly: ‘Not-So-Silent Night’ Jay Jay talks about ‘Monster Ballads Xmas.’

Metal Rules! Jeff Kent interviews Jay Jay upon the release of Forever Twisted. Interview A wide-ranging review by one of TS’ biggest fans, Donna From Connecticut.

Wisconsin Music Jay Jay speaks with Wisconsin Music during the 2006 tour. Interview Jay Jay talks about the TS Reunion and his guitars.

Tone Quest Report Interview One of the most comprehensive Jay Jay interviews ever courtesy of Tone Quest Report.

Vintage Guitar Interview, January 2007 A great interview with pics of the gems in Jay Jay’s guitar collection.

Epiphone (Announcement of the Jay Jay French Signature Les Paul)