Jay Jay French is most famous for his role as the founding member and one of the guitarists of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. Since his first performances with Twisted Sister, French has played more than 9000 concert performances. As a guitar player, manager, producer and executive producer, French has sold over 20 million albums and performed in 34 countries.

Jay Jay’s track record of success at every level of the music industry gives him a unique perspective on business, which he now shares as a columnist for numerous publications and as a motivational speaker.

Since 2014, Jay Jay has been a contributing columnist to Inc.com. “The French Connection” covers all manner of topics (many related to Jay Jay’s career with Twisted Sister), combining entrepreneurial insight with rock and roll attitude.

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Jay Jay French is the author of a new Beatles column for Goldmine, “Now We’re 64!” The column has appeared in every other issue of Goldmine since April 2017.

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While traveling the world as a member of Twisted Sister, Jay Jay tracked down the most esoteric and obscure gear imaginable. He has stories about audio, the music biz, and pretty much everything else, and he shares them in Copper.

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When I hired John French to present to my 70+ sales team at our annual sale meeting, I did not really know what to expect. Our sales meetings are held annually on a ship for four days with a combination of our direct sales team, our regional representatives and a number of our distribution partners. All different characters and personalities. How was a speech from the founding member of Twisted Sister going to be viewed by my diverse group?

What we received was a compelling review of John’s life and business challenges, which mirrored the challenges we all see in business everyday from a different perspective, a very different and serious business. All our businesses are diverse, yet John showed us the similarity of our own challenges through the business of Rock and Roll. Challenges such as finding the right people, money management, how to find business, man management , logistics… every challenge we face today faces every industry and John’s entertaining and interesting perspective was brought home in an concise and effective way.

Being on the ship John said it would be a one hour presentation and a four day Q and A, which he graciously gave his time to. His presentation is entertaining, insightful and funny, ideal for getting the message across.

Stephen Buckley

Apex Dynamics USA, Ronkonkoma, NY

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